We bring a holistic approach
to technology.

Who We Are

Kaizen is a consultancy based in the Washington DC Area.
We bring a holistic and well-rounded approach to solving technology problems.

Next Generation Tools and Techniques

We constantly observe trends in the technology industry and pick technologies based on where the industry is headed, not just where the industry has been. We use tools like Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Docker because they allow us to build web applications that feel native, rapidly prototype cloud architectures, and also scale easily.

A Holistic Approach

The key to our approach is strong analysis of how each problem fits into a whole solution. Our clients benefit from our experience in helping make these kinds of decisions, and also helping justify those decisions to stakeholders. Clients have told us that the technology choices we made helped them sell more, scale better, and impress their customers years after we delivered.